Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Torrents Unblocked

At our website, all our torrents proxies are available on a single website. This is the privacy policy for our torrent site. This document consists of the privacy-related policy of our users and a detailed explanation of how we use the information. Such user information is automatically recorded by our server system.

If you have concerns or inquiries about this privacy policy then feel free to connect as well as contact us via our official email address [email protected]

Privacy Policies for Torrents

These are the privacy policies including the policies for our website partners, advertising partners as well as other third-party partners. This privacy is generated by the privacy policy generator.

Our third-party partners, advertisers, and networks may use digital technologies like javascript, cookies as well as web beacons. Using such technologies the promotional ads are sent to the user’s browser page directly. These technologies automatically record the user’s IP address while exploring our site. The collected information is used for sending personalized promotional advertising campaigns or promoting products. Due to this information, users can get personalized ads, which can also be used to analyze the campaign result or the impact.

Users are notified that we as a torrent site does not have control as well as access to the cookies used by third-party ad partners.

Third-party Privacy Policies

Our torrent unblocked site’s privacy policy never applied to our other advertising partners as they have their privacy policies. We advise our users to read their privacy policies before using the site. Their privacy policy may include the collection and use of users’ information and also may have opt-in/opt-out options so read to those.

There also have options for disabling cookies within the user’s browser. Users can directly disable the cookies options through their browser.

Login Files Policy

Our torrent proxy site have standard processing regarding using the user’s login files. These files become activated as soon as the user visits the site, they help users for rapid login. We are not the only one, almost all torrent sites collect and use this type of user information. This is part of a basic hosting provider or service analytics. The login files information contains the user’s IP address, date and time, internet browser, internet service provider, referred pages, the click volumes. All this information is not directly related to the personal information of the user so, the user identification is not possible with this information. Our system uses the collected information for trend analytics, site administration, user tracking, or website use, at last gathering the information.

Google Cookies-related Policy

Google is our third-party advertising or promotional partner. It uses cookies to provide personalized ads to our users. It uses the cookies called Dart cookies, all information regarding the Google ad policies given on the Google site. We as a proxy site don’t have control over such ads and cookies.

Privacy Policy Regarding Children

Our priority is to protect child users while using our site. we help the guardians or parents to guide, monitor, observe, participate, and track their online activity.

Our torrent proxy site never collects children’s information that contains personal information or identifiable information. If the parent or guardians notice that their child provided such sensitive information on our site then we highly recommend them to contact us, and we will assist you with such issues.

Policy of Consent

Any user who uses our website applies to this privacy policy. using our website user will be agreeable to our all terms and conditions along with the privacy policy