New Working Putlocker Websites, Proxies & Best Alternatives

Putlocker is a famous torrent website. It has the latest TV shows and movie. The website offers a streaming service. Here, you can watch your favorite stuff online Users can also download films for future use. It is a free service. Being a piracy website you don’t have to pay to view any content. It is also the reasons you will find different IP addresses for Putlocker website on the internet. It is done to protect the website and stop the authorities from taking it down.

Despite all the government crackdown, the website is still here. It is still offering premium quality films and other digital content. You can watch shows in HD, 1080p, and 4k. The website also offers an external server for downloads. It has a huge content library and is updated regularly.

How to Download the Latest and Old Movies From the Putlocker Website?

Putlocker is famous for latest movies. It has films from Hollywood, Bollywood, and other cinema industries around the world. Users can find the website ease to use as they browse it to look for their favorite movies. It is free to use. The user needs only do the following to download any latest movie from Putlocker for free.

Step 1. Go to the official website.

  • Putlocker has many websites, find a working one and enter the web address in your browser. Then hit enter.

Step 2. Use the Search bar.

  • On the main home page you will find a search box. Enter your movie name in the box and click on the search icon. Alternatively, you can also click on the movie link at the top of the screen.

Step 3. Click on the movie title.

  • Now, you need to click on the movie title you want to download. It will open the information page for that movie.

Step 4. Click on the Play button icon.

  • The movie will load, but to run it you have to click on the Play icon.

Step 5. Let the movie play and download it.

  • After the movie starts playing, you can find the download link on the page. Click it and your download will begin.

How to Download the Latest TV Shows From Putlocker Website?

The Putlocker website is also updating its content regularly. With the growing tv shows, web series, and streaming platform content, the Putlocker library is also increasing daily. As such, you can find the latest tv shows and web series on the Putlocker website, that too for free. All you have to do is:

Step 1. First, make sure you have access to a working Putlocker website

  • You can refer to our link of active links and go to the website of your choice. Just copy and paste the link into our web browser or click on it directly.

Step 2. Now, go to the TV Shows section

  • When you reach the Putlocker website, you will find the TV shows link at the top of the screen. Click on it.

Step 3. Select your favorite TV show

  • You will see a list of different TV shows, you can sort them by popularity or by their date of release. After that, pick a TV show and click on the title.

Step 4. Click on the Play button icon

  • Finally click on the play icon to start streaming. Once the show is running you will see a download link at the bottom.

Step 5. Lastly, click the download link

  • After you click on the link, you will be taken to an external website. Wait for the ad and then start your download.

Putlocker Proxy: An Introduction

Putlocker proxy is not your typical torrenting website. Instead, it is a streaming platform. As such, the website hosts digital content in multiple languages. But, there is a catch. And that is these digital contents are pirated and illegally obtained. These are protected under a copy right but still illegally distributed via the platform. Hence, the platform has no right to showcase them. As a result, severe action has been taken against different Putlocker proxy websites over the years. Now, we know some of you would be confused as to how there are so many Putlocker proxy websites on the internet, but to understand that, you need to learn more about internet proxies in general, which is exactly what we intend to do with the following article.

Putlocker proxies are similar to other proxy websites on the internet, but they only cater to Putlocker. Hence, there is one thing common across all these proxies, and that is the content. No matter which website you select from the Putlocker proxy list, all of them will showcase more or less the same content. Why is it so? Because proxies are simply alternatives to original websites. Since it is a piracy website, there are certain risks associated with it, such as government action and website takedowns from servers.

Working Proxies and Putlocker Sites List


A website proxy is simply a website hosted on another server with the same content as the original one. Hence, Putlocker proxies, despite having different IP addresses and operating from multiple locations, all host similar content as the original one. Such websites exist in order to prevent authorities from acting up and taking them down from the internet. However, there are many proxies available at the same time, which can be confusing as the user might not find a working link.

In order to provide the user with an active link, we have created a Putlocker proxy list with websites with working IP addresses. However, this list is not static. We know there is a great chance that websites on this list might be taken down over time. Hence, we will ensure to add or delete websites from this list in order to keep it relevant.

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Putlocker Website List

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Putlocker Proxy 5



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Putlocker Proxy 7



Putlocker Proxy 8



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Working Putlocker Mirror Sites

Mirror websites are typically considered proxies for a website, but technically, they are not proxies. In fact, mirror websites are simply copies of a website. Such copies are generally not made by the original website team. But they do serve the purpose of the audience and that is providing a quality website with the content they want. A mirror website is hosted on a different server under a unique IP address.

The same is true for Putlocker as there are several Putlocker mirror websites active on the internet. That is why we have created this list of potentially active mirror websites that you might find useful. But there is a little warning: some links might be dead by the time you are reading this. However, worry not, as we want this list to be dynamic and will be adding and deleting relevant links. is a website with a lot of tv shows and films. It has a digital library with different genres. The website is free to use. It hosts pirated content. Yet Putlocker is famous amongst users. You can watch your favorite dramas, tv shows or movies online for free. You can either stream online or download it., a torrenting website, hosts a lot of different films and web series. It has the latest movies. Users don’t have to worry about paying. It is free to use. We do advise using a VPN though. As a popular website, you can find almost any tv show or film you want. And you can watch them online or download for later use. offers some of the latest Hollywood and Bollywood flicks. It is a piracy website. is free for everyone. You can watch your favorite films and tv shows without any problem. But you should be careful. Always use a VPN when visiting such websites. is another website that hosts several Hollywood TV shows and movies for its audience and claims to update the content daily. Recently, you might also find content from South Korea and China on the website. And there is a Top IMDB section that allows users to browse the top titles and choose what to watch accordingly. is a different website with the same streaming and content hosting services. There are TV shows, movies, documentaries, and other digital content from around the globe. The website offers a genre page where users can find content according to their taste, and lastly, the website also offers a request page where users can ask the admins to upload a particular TV show or movie. is a Putlocker proxy website that hosts TV shows and movies across different genres. These shows and movies are displayed under different headings and updated regularly. Users can simply click on a title and choose from different sources to stream the content. Or they can even download them to their system. is a popular Putlocker website that caters to a global audience as it hosts TV shows, movies, and anime from all over the world. You can find popular movies and web series. Interested users can also watch trending TV shows from different countries. All you have to do is click on a title and choose a server to play the file from. is a website that offers a streaming service for TV shows and movies. The website is similar to other Putlocker proxies and uses somewhat similar templates. Users can always stream videos online or download them for later use.

Why Official Putlocker Website is Blocked?

In 2016, the UK administration took down Putlocker following a UK High Court order that deemed the website a major piracy concern. Following the takedown, many other countries also started taking action against it. Initially, Putlocker was a very popular streaming platform that offered digital content for free. However, it was considered piracy as the platform was distributing licensed and copyrighted materials without permission from the creators. Due to these copyright infringement and piracy issues, many content producers and creators started clamoring for strict action against such platforms, including Putlocker.

How to Unblock Putlocker Website?

If you are stuck in a region that blocks Putlocker, then you might want to give the following methods a try, as they can help you bypass those blocks and access the website without worries:


A VPN is a virtual and private network that protects your online identity and data. But then, how can a VPN help with unblocking Putlocker? Typically, internet blocking is enforced by your ISP under the guidance of the government or a governing body. The ISP blocks the IP address in the DNS server resulting in an error when you try to connect to the website.

Your browser first reaches out to your ISP’s DNS and asks for the relevant information. However, your ISP has already blocked those IP addresses, so your browser is unable to show you anything. But with a VPN, any data traveling out of your system is protected behind encryption and first reaches a VPN server. Now your ISP only sees the data going to the VPN server, which isn’t blocked and thus allows such a connection. But the VPN server then transfers the date to the banned website. Thus bypassing the blocking.

Tor Browser

A Tor browser is similar to a VPN in that it follows the same logic that allows the user to circumvent blocks, as they can use different servers to initiate a connection. Tor uses onion routing for internet traffic and routes user data through multiple servers. Doing so prevents others from prying into what you do online.

Similarly, it also prevents your ISP from figuring out your internet destination, as the data is safe behind the TOR network. Hence, you can use the Tor browser to bypass any blocks on the Putlocker website and unblock it.


Alternatively, you can always use a proxy or mirror to access Putlocker. It is relatively easier and less hassle-free. Now, we do not guarantee that every mirror or proxy works or that it hosts quality content. However, you can simply enter the web address in a browser and try your luck.

Mirrors and proxies are simply Putlocker with a different IP address. Although technically you won’t be unlocking the original website, you can still enjoy similar content via these links. Thus, it is more efficient to use them. However, we do recommend users strictly use a VPN when using a mirror or proxy, as it can be somewhat risky if you let yourself be exposed on these websites.

Alternatives to Putlocker

Now, don’t get us wrong; we are not saying that you only have to use Putlocker or its proxies to access free streaming content. We realize that there are times when a user fails to find an active Putlocker mirror or proxy. In such cases, there are other websites that you can pursue to get your movie fix.

These websites are mostly similar to Putlocker and can be an effective alternative to it. We have included these websites here, so you can give them a look.


Finally, we can conclude that you can access Putlocker even after it was taken down by the authorities via its proxies or mirrors. These are mostly different websites with similar content on Putlocker. In fact, a mirror is an exact copy of the old Putlocker website. Hence, interested users can access these links to enjoy Putlocker content, although they have to heed a few safety habits before trying these links.

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