New Working Rarbg Websites, Proxies & Best Alternatives 2023

RARBG is a website that provides unlimited torrent files and magnetic links using the P2P file-sharing method. The website is serving people all across the world with endless multimedia. Additionally, with a simple and easy-to-use interface, this torrenting website has become quite popular among people. However, users can’t upload their own content on this website. It didn’t only attract millions of users but also it was always a major release hub that bridges the gap between the Scene and the broader pirate public. Very soon, it became a household name in the torrenting community.

RARBG is primarily known for high-quality video releases but the site also provides other content as well like games, sounds, music, software, and so on. The website constantly uploads new torrent files for users so that they will never fall short of entertainment content. The platform is a perfect gateway for people to satisfy their entertainment needs without paying a single penny.



RARBG was founded in 2008. The website was originally launched as a Bulgarian BitTorrent tracker. The “BG” present in the RARBG refers to Bulgaria itself.  According to statistics, from 2014 to 2023, RARBG repeatedly comes in the list of the most visited torrent websites. Recently, in January 2023, the website has been ranked 4th most visited torrent website.

Unexpextedly, in the shocking turn of events, the website has announced its shutdown leaving an endless number of users disappointed whose main source of entertainment was the website only. 


RARBG was one of the most popular torrenting websites across the world. However, the website has closed down. The website was blocked for the first time in 2008 due to copyright infringement issues. Currently, the site is inaccessible in several countries. The site cited the reasons; the Ukraine war and the COVID pandemic behind its shutdown. The increase in electricity prices in Europe was also one of the main reasons that made the team of the website unanimously decide to shut down it.

Users are highly disappointed due to the shutdown of RARBG because they were completely dependent on this torrenting website to access a huge variety of pirated content that was otherwise inaccessible through official channels.

Blocking and Censorship

Due to some legal issues, and copyright issues, RARBG has been blocked in several countries by ISPs.  For instance, the website was first blocked for one week in 2008 due to legal pressure from BREIN. In 2017, the website was pulled out of Google search results due to a controversy; regarding torrent websites that were emphasized in Google’s “carousel” search results. Then again in 2020, the website was blocked by many ISPs due to the pirated content present on it.

Working Rarbg Proxy List

rarbg Proxy

You are well aware of the wide array of multimedia content that the RARBG site hosts but the situation becomes very annoying when you can’t access it. This is when RARBG proxy works. The RARBG proxy site has become very famous since its inception offering a wide range of multimedia to users. These sites make you access the content present on the original site without worrying about the restrictions imposed by the higher authorities and ISPs.

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RARBG Proxies List

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Rarbg Proxy 2



Rarbg Proxy 3



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Rarbg Proxy 5











Rarbg Proxy 6



Rargb Proxy 7



Rargb Proxy 8



Rargb Proxy 9



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Working Rarbg Mirror List

Finding a working RARBG mirror site can be a struggle. Not only do many torrent mirror websites contain links of malicious software and viruses but also some are banned by certain ISPs making it a tedious task to find the right mirror site. If you have ever searched for working RARBG mirror sites then you will be aware of the difficulties. But now no more, here you will easily find this list of working RARBG mirror sites. is one of the most commendable and popular proxy sites. The site allows you to reroute from a third-party location to the original website. Therefore, your identity will be hidden when you requested content. This enables to serve users the entire content present on the original RARBG site. provides free access to multimedia content to its users. A lot of people use this proxy site to access the latest content. The team working on the torrent website is very active and keeps on updating the latest content on it so users are going to have a quality entertainment time here.

An individual can simply unlock the best content present on the original RARBG website with the help of this site. The website’s layout is clean and straightforward making it people to easily navigate content.

An individual can easily and conveniently download the latest stuff such as movies, sounds, music, web series, games, TV shows, eBooks, and everything else using One will get free access to the latest entertainment media. is one by far the most popular torrent site. It is the place where users can get access to the latest content including movies, shows, applications, web series, games, software, and much more. It provides everything that one can ever seek for.

One most frequent middlemen is Those who can’t turn up to the original RARBG site should opt for it. An individual can easily download movies, and games for free in good picture quality. For many people, the proxy site has become a movie downloading scene and they don’t want to go anywhere else for it.

The quite simple and easy-to-use interface makes downloading and streaming videos easier and straightforward for users. The site has a huge database of content making it an ideal option for users. is a mirror website that has gained immense popularity recently. Daily visitors can enjoy downloading a large amount of content being uploaded every day on this platform. offers free downloadable content to users. One can conveniently access newly released films and shows without any charges or paid subscriptions. It has quite an intuitive interface allowing people to enjoy using it.

What Happened to Rargb Torrent?

What Happened to Rargb Torrent

RARBG is an excellent option for those people who are die-hard fans of entertainment. It allows access to a wide array of content. Unfortunately, due to several legal issues, the RARBG torrent site has been shut down in several regions by ISPs and the government.

How to Unblock the Rarbg Torrent?

If you are feeling sad because you can’t access RARBG content due to the ban then check out these ways to unblock rarbg torrent.


VPN has some special features that allow users to directly access the content present on rarbg bypassing the restrictions imposed by the government and ISP. Apart from giving access to the content of the RARBG torrent website, VPN provides a higher level of protection. It works by routing your device’s internet protocol address so that the destination could not recognize your IP address providing you reliability and safety d online during transactions.

By Using the Tor Browser

Tor web browser is an outstanding unblocking tool. It comes with a built-in private network. All a person has to do is just download and install it to access the multimedia content present on the RARBG platform. It allows secure access not only to the original site but also to the proxy sites.

Change Your DNS Provider

In case, if RARBG is active in your area and still you can’t access this site then changing your DNS provider allows you to reach the content present on the RARBG site. DNS is used by most users that have been already set by ISPs.

  • To change DNS, one is required to open network settings.
  • Then go to the “network connections”.
  • Right-click on your network connection and select properties. Now you need to select IPV 4 and click on properties.
  • Now select “Use the following DNS server addresses” present at the bottom.
  • Now, you can change the DNS settings easily as per your preferences.

How to Access Rarbg Proxy Safety?

Remember that all RARBG proxy sites may not be always secure as these can access your confidential information or may contain malicious software. So, it is recommended you access the proxy sites only with the help of a secure VPN.

How to Download Movies on Rargb?

  • Step 1: first of all, download a torrent client. Deluge and Tixati are the two most popular torrent clients.
  • Step 2: Then install VPN on your device.
  • Step 3: Now, go to the original RARBG site.
  • Step 4: Enter the title of the movie you want to download. In the search results, click on the torrent file you require.
  • Be sure you click on the right file.

Best Alternatives To Rarbg

You might be feeling very sad as the RARBG torrent site is banned in your area. But remember “The show must go on”. So, we have come up with the best alternative to RARBG that will allow you to access a wide range of entertainment content. As you know torrenting is still available so don’t worry you can still be able to access the latest movies and shows.

Wrapping it All Up!!!

RARBG was a torrent website allowing people to download pirated content that includes torrent files and magnetic links but now the website is blocked. However, fans still access the content using its proxy sites.

Note that we don’t recommend people use such torrent sites because these results in a huge loss to filmmakers and content owners.

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