TamilYogi Proxy Sites List to Unblock TamilYogi Website

Tamilyogi Proxy is a renowned streaming website from the Indian subcontinent catering to regional film lovers. However, it is a piracy website that distributes illegally obtained digital copyright content. Hence, the website has been on the radar for breaking the anti-piracy laws. But despite all this, the site has maintained an almost cult like following that even after its termination, there were many proxies and mirrors popping up on the internet. As such, users can enjoy TamilYogi without worries so long they take care about their online safety and privacy.

The following article will not only talk about TamilYogi, but also cover its various proxies and mirrors. At the same time, it will discuss the issues surrounding the take-down of the original website and also enlighten users regarding unblocking it. For further information, do scroll down.

Intro of TamilYogi Website

TamilYogi Proxy Sites

TamilYogi was a streaming platform that hosted digital content such as movies, dramas, TV shows, etc. However, almost all the content was pirated and obtained through illegal means. Owing to such pirated content, the website earned the ire of authorities and content license holders; as a result, under the anti-piracy laws, the authorities took action and banned it, taking down its servers and blacklisting the IP address. However, the website was a fan favorite as it catered to a regional audience. The website hosted content in multiple languages, such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, and English. Hence, users could find content from almost every walk of life.

Since it was a streaming website, users could directly play content. But the media files were hosted on third-party servers, and all you had to do was click on a few ads and watch. But the service was totally free due to its pirated nature. And it was equally popular. The website also offered free downloading across the range, and users would generally find content in different quantities. Even today, when the website is no longer active, users can find its proxy, about which we will talk later.

What is TamilYogi Proxy?

TamilYogi proxy is obviously a proxy website, as the name suggests, that can allow users to access a free streaming platform where they can enjoy regional and global digital content such as movies, TV shows, K-dramas, etc. However, one should understand that it is a piracy website, and consuming such content is highly illegal under the anti-piracy laws, and using the TamilYogi proxy services can land them in a lurch.

On a different note, there are several TamilYogi proxies and mirrors available on the internet, which we will discuss further in the article. Hence, users can do a simple Google search to find a working TamilYogi proxy or refer to the list we have provided here.

Working TamilYogi Proxy List

When we talk about proxies, we are actually referring to websites that are pretty much similar, if not exactly the same, as the original TamilYogi website. Such websites came into existence after the ban on TamilYogi, as the website was too popular amongst users. Thus, a working TamilYogi proxy is the same as the original, but there can be a few additions or differences. But such sites are equally troublesome, as they too are illegal and host pirated content. As a result, you can often find a proxy website link that is dead and not working.

For such issues, we have created this list of working TamilYogi proxy sites. You can refer to it and visit the sites accordingly. And worry not, because the list is dynamic in nature. Meaning, if, in any case, there is a dead link, we will regularly add newer links and remove dead ones. Thus, users are encouraged to visit the website regularly.

Note: Please note that it is against the law to distribute or share copyrighted content. We hereby do not encourage such activities that contain redistribution of pirated content. The only sole purpose of this content is to provide information. Be cautious while using torrent websites. We are not liable for any misuse of content or content hosted by torrent sites.

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TamilYogi Proxies List

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Working TamilYogi Mirror Sites

Although mirrors are considered the same as proxies, they are not. Well, they technically do the same thing, and there is not a lot of difference. But they are not a proxy website. A typical proxy is the original website hosted on different servers and using multiple IP addresses. However, a mirror is a simple copy. And while you can host it on multiple servers under several IP addresses, they are only copies.

But TamilYogi mirrors are well worth it as they allow users to connect to similar content. But they are also illegal. Hence, most mirrors are taken down when found. As such, we have prepared a list to identify working TamilYogi mirrors that can aid users in their queries.


Tamilyogi.bike is a popular proxy website that hosts regional content in dubbed and original audio. The website has different content ranging from Indian to Western TV shows and movies. While we do recommend using a VPN when browsing the website, users can enjoy multilingual content. There are shows in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam.


Tamilyogi.vpn is also a proxy website that hosts similar content as the original TamilYogi website. It has all the recent theater releases as well as local productions. Also, users can find content in original audio. The website caters to the local audience but has started adding global content from Hollywood as well as the rest of Asia.


Tamilyogi.vip is yet another proxy that originates from TamilYogi, as the name suggests. The contents are also the same. Users can find quality uploads on the site, and there is a quick search box for curated results. However, the website is relatively new, so you won’t find older stuff here. Although it more than makes up for it by offering content from the Asian continent.


You will need a VPN to access Tamilyogi.best, as the IP address is already blocked. You need to bypass the block using methods showcased in this article. And once you gain access, you can watch TV shows and movies in multiple languages. The website employs external servers to host the actual material and provides you with the needed links.


Tamilyogi.cc is a marvelous proxy website that has everything from regional movies to global TV shows. The website doesn’t offer dubbed content, but users can enjoy the original releases in languages such as Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and English.


Tamilyogi.film is yet another fascinating proxy website with tons of content that can keep you hooked for hours. The website is pretty much similar to the original TamilYogi and offers the exact same genres, although the titles are different. You can enjoy regional as well as multinational and multilingual TV shows and dramas on the site.

What are the Benefits of Proxy Sites of TamilYogi?

There are certainly some advantages to these proxy sites, as they are so popular among the masses. These benefits are:

Free to Use – The most obvious benefit of using a pirated website is undoubtedly that it is free. Since most digital content falls under copyright, users are charged a hefty amount before they can consume it. Any streaming platform asks for a subscription before you can enjoy your favorite movie or TV show. Hence, a site that is totally free to use is appealing to many.

Everything on a Single Platform – As digital content started to grow on the internet, so did the streaming platforms. Today, there are dozens of different streaming platforms offering different things to different people. But a person can’t practically subscribe to every service. And since most platforms have exclusive rights to some content or another, it sometimes becomes difficult to watch a movie without incurring extra charges. But the TamilYogi proxy solves this issue, as you have everything on a single platform available.

Latest Content – There is also the benefit of having access to all the latest content. With a TamilYogi proxy, you don’t have to wait for your favorite show, as it is available on the platform as soon as it is released.

Huge library – And lastly, the proxy also offers a huge library for users to choose from. You do not have to worry about missing any shows or movies, as they are available there. Some proxies even have decades old content.

How to Download from TamilYogi Proxy?

In order to download movies or TV shows from TamilYogi, follow these steps:

  • First, visit a TamilYogi proxy website. You can choose one from the list given above.
  • Then, search for your favorite content or click on a title.
  • On the next page, you will see information regarding the movie. Scroll down and find the relevant movie link.
  • Click on the link of your choice and wait for a page to load.
  • Now click on some ads and do the captcha.
  • Finally, click on the download link to initiate the downloading process.
  • But let us remind you that browsing a pirated website carries a risk. Thus, use a VPN to ensure your safety.

What Happened to TamilYogi?

Since it was a piracy website, it comes as no surprise that it was taken down by the authorities following a court ruling in 2008 in India, when the court explicitly named TamilYogi as a piracy website, relaying that the then-released movie Robot 2.0 should not be hosted on such sites. After that, the government started banning several IP addresses of the website and banned it across the nation.

Hence, TamilYogi was a piracy website that offered illegal digital content for free and allowed the re-distribution of said copyright material. Although today, users can find TamilYogi proxies and mirrors across the internet, the original is no longer accessible.

How to Unblock TamilYogi Website?

When it comes to unlocking a website, there are certain methods one can utilize. If you want to gain access to a TamilYogi proxy, worry not, as you can use the following methods to do so:

i. VPN

First off, we have a VPN. Even the most casual internet users are familiar with VPNs. As a technology that allows users to connect to the internet using a virtual and private network, it is well worth the money. A VPN excels at re routing network traffic. It diverts the traffic through a distant remote server and uses the server to connect to the website on behalf of the user. Doing so allows VPN users to fly under the radar, thus protecting their online privacy. But the VPN also encrypts your data. It scrambles your data packets randomly, which prevents anyone from recognizing what you are doing online.

When you use a VPN to browse a proxy website, it unblocks it. A government ban is enforced by the ISP. Your internet provider blacklists certain IP addresses on the DNS server. However, you can overcome this issue with a VPN. Thus, the traffic appears to be coming from elsewhere. And you can access said website without worrying.

ii. Tor Browser

The Tor browser is yet another answer to your blocking worries. On principle, the technology works similarly to a VPN, despite being different in its execution. Instead of private servers, a Tor browser employs proxy sites to reroute your data through its network. However, these sites are not owned by the Tor browser, so they are not part of a private network. And that is the whole caveat, because it raises security questions. Especially when your data is traveling through computers owned by different individuals who make up the network, i.e., using the Tor browser.

Despite all this worrying, the network works incredibly well at what it is supposed to do. And that is unblocking websites. Tor uses the onion routing protocol to send data from point A to point B. In fact, due to its efficiency, the Tor browser is among a few technologies that can effortlessly access the Dark Web. Thus, you can be sure that the technology will aid your unblocking efforts. Although we do recommend using a VPN on top of a Tor browser or picking a VPN with the Tor Over VPN feature, which will keep your privacy and security intact.

Best TamilYogi Proxy Alternatives

TamilYogi is not the only website on the internet that can host such content. If you look long enough you will find multiple websites offering the same services. Albeit TamilYogi is far adobe those in terms of quality. That is why we are also listing a few websites that can serve as an alternative to TamilYogi. When bored or can’t reach the TamilYogi proxies, you can give them a try.

  • Movierulz Proxy
  • Isaimini Proxy
  • Afilmywap Proxy
  • Tamilpla Proxy
  • Filmy4wap Proxy
  • Bollyflix Proxy
  • Moviesda Proxy
  • Filmyzilla Proxy
  • 7starhd Proxy
  • Downloadhub Proxy
  • Skymovieshd Proxy

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