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Terms and Conditions of Torrentunblocked


This webpage contains the standard terms and conditions for our torrent unblocked site. These terms and conditions will manage users’ usage of this website. Our site can be easily accessible through the URL.

The given terms and conditions are fully applied and affect the users of this website. Using our website, it is considered that users completely agree with these terms and conditions as well as accept them. If you do not agree with any of these terms and conditions then avoid using this website.

Children under the age of 18 or minor are not allowed to use this website.

Intellectual Property Rights

The content provided on this website, terms for this website, torrent proxies, or the original licensors of this website own all the intellectual property rights regarding this site. The partners other than this don’t have any legal rights on this website.

The users of this website are provided with the viewer’s license, only for viewing the website content. This must be considered our limited access license.

Restrictions for Users

The users of the torrent unblocked website xyz.com are restricted from doing the following things:

  • Using this website for advertising purposes without the owner’s consent
  • Restriction of data harvesting, collecting, mining, and other things concerning the website
  • Using the website content in legal affairs in such a way that the website may cause harm to it
  • Publishing the website material in any form other than this website
  • Usage of the website in any form that may cause damage to the website
  • Showing the website material to the public
  • Restriction from selling, commercializing as well as sublicensing of the website content

Some of the other areas of this website may be restricted for you, our torrent unblocked site may restrict the users’ access to certain areas of the website without giving notice at any time. The user ID and its password will be maintained confidentially by the respective website user. It’s a user’s responsibility to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the password and ID, website will not be responsible for any issues due to the ID and Password of the respective user.

User’s Content (Your Content)

Any material or information in the form of audio, visual, image, text, or other material which the user publishes on the website is called the user’s content. This term simply means the user chooses to give this information on the website knowing the pros/ cons of it. By displaying such kind of content on the website, the user gives all rights to the website so the website can use the information in all ways or any form.

The user-uploaded content will always be the users, those materials are removed at any time without giving any notice to the user.

Users Privacy Policy

Rules and Jurisdictional Laws

These are the rules and laws which are governed by us as the reputed website. These laws come under the state jurisdictions of our website. If any kind of issue occurs or it was not solved by mutual discussion then the user can discuss such matter in the court of the respective jurisdiction court. For the outside state or country matters the federal courts are available for resolution of such issues.

Change in Terms and Conditions

Torrent unblocked has all rights reserved regarding the change in terms and conditions at any time without providing the notice to the users. These terms and conditions can be changed by the website anytime.

No Warranty Terms

The services, information, and content provided by the website are not stable. The torrent unblocked website never gives a warranty on the uploading content on the website. The published content may be changed or altered following the standard rules of the website.

Liability Limitation Terms

There is a liability limitation to users along with torrent staff, employees, directors, and managers concerning website will come under the liability contract. Torrent staff, employees, directors, and managers will not be liable for any issue that comes about with the content of the website.

Assignment Terms

Our torrent unblocked site is allowed to transfer, contract, subcontract, or assign its legal rights as well as obligations that come under these terms and conditions without notice. however, users are not allowed to do the same according to the terms and conditions.

Indemnification Terms

Breaching of any terms and conditions, liabilities, contracts, damage to the website, loss or harm to it, by the user then the user indemnified for such causes. This is the indemnification law for it.

Term of Severability

If any provision from this terms and condition policy is found inapplicable or invalid then such terms or provisions are deleted directly from the document without harming other provisions and terms.

Torrent Agreement

The above-mentioned terms and conditions togetherly constitute an agreement between torrent unblocked website and its users. These terms are completely applicable to the users of this website in all aspects.