Tor Browser Privacy Setting – How to Setup Properly

What is Tor Browser?

Tor comes to mind immediately when discussing safety and security while accessing any website. Tor’s advantage is that it allows easy access to the dark web. There are several characteristics of the Tor browser that offer the user with a sense of safety and security; they feel protected by remaining anonymous and keeping their personal data exclusive in every way. However, when using the Tor browser, users must exercise caution and learn how to configure protective settings.

Tor browser is merely a network that takes its name from the Onion Router project, which provides onion-like layering for encryption. Tor could be a organize of intermediary servers which permit to introduce a mysterious arrange associations. The innovation includes anonymous data can be utilized to browse the internet, send mail and moment messages. Each information bundle passes through 3 arbitrary Tor intermediaries. Such intermediaries are called hubs. The client runs the Tor client on your computer. Information is scrambled consecutively three keys some time recently sending. The information parcel is sent to the passage hub of the Tor arrange.

It provides extra privacy thanks to the three routing nodes that act as an intermediary in the form of a system that is manually operated for internet sessions. Other ordinary nodes are unaware of the source of the data’s origin or the destination of its transmission. Thus, browser privacy-enhancing features like private mode and incognito mode offer privacy, but they do not cover up your browsing history. However, the Tor browser protects your identity by obscuring your browsing history.

How to be Secure Online Using Tor Browser?

It is advised against downloading any tor browser from a third-party website in order to be safe. Because it is the only website that supports Socks connections without an operating system, Mozilla Firefox is the foundation of the Tor browser. The ISP that monitors all of the websites a user has visited is independent of the other browsers.

The freely accessible Tor browser is useful for interface throughout an active online session while remaining anonymous. It provides the user with multiple layers of security to help you feel secure when using any online service, including visiting websites, and it conceals your location and personal information.

While using the Tor browser, the user can also manually encrypt their system by changing the mode from “Standard” to “Safest.” Change the mode to “Safest” under the privacy settings so that most of the browsers you don’t want to visit are blocked. The key aspect to remember is that when you raise your privacy, your internet speed will decrease. Aside from that, the user can remain anonymous by selecting “New Identity” and providing themselves a new name.

Protect Your Confidentiality While Using the Tor Browser!

The Tor browser is simple to use and convenient. It provides the user with a high level of protection by preventing any third-party site from tracking your system online. It offers onion-like layered protection and masks your identity by diverging internet sessions with the use of circuits, which are basically Tor system servers. While using the Tor browser, the user has a secure surfing session, but it is not totally safe. The reason for this is that ISPs know when a user is using Tor browser due to P2P activity, which results in limiting the number of times a user asks API calls for a brief period of time. Another issue brought on by data snooping is the modification of data to produce the desired outcomes.

However, by implementing the simple precautions suggested in the article, you may decrease the lack of security. To gain more security, the user must adjust the security level from its default setting of “Standard” to “Safest.” By picking protection Settings from the onion icon and clicking it, you may set your level of protection.

How to Use the Tor Browser While Accessing the Dark Web?

Although it seems weird, the Tor browser may be used to securely surf the black web. The dark web does include unlawful information that falls under the category of crime, but there are also a tonne of items online that are both secure and not illegal. Using the Tor browser, you may view the exposed data with a great deal of security. The sluggish internet, however, is a drawback when working on it. To keep yourself safe and secure, only surf sites that you have never visited before if you cannot tolerate the internet’s poor pace.

Ways to Speed Up the Internet on Your System

When using the Tor browser, the internet might be sluggish for a variety of reasons. One of the key causes is its layered, onion-like structure that goes beyond security. Find a VPN that you believe to be very secure first, then download and use the Tor browser. then take the following actions:

  • Step 1: Access the bridging setup page at
  • Step 2: Choose a bridge type other than none.
  • Step 3: By concealing your identity and making it difficult for the ISP to trace internet traffic and determine whether it originates from the Tor browser or not, this will strengthen your connection and increase its confidentiality.
  • Step 4: Complete the captcha presented by the browser in order to request a bridge.
  • Step 5: Open the Tor browser once more and select “configure”.
  • Choose the “Tor is censored in my country” radio button in step 6.
  • Step 7: After doing so, select “request a bridge on”.
  • Step 8: After completing the previous steps, click “Connect” to enhance your internet speed.

How to Setup the Tor Browser Properly?

  • Step 1: Download the Tor browser in your framework. After the establishment is done, press on the Wrap up to continue.
  • Step 2: Within the arrangement screen in Tor browser, press on the Interface button. In case, on the off chance that you’re utilizing the intermediary tap on the Configure button.
  • Step 3: You would like to be quiet with connection, it might take all its time cause of the primary time association.
  • Step 4: There you go, you get the get to to the Tor browser and utilizing could be a piece of cake since of its user-friendly feature.


Although it states that the identity of the user remains confidential when using the Tor browser, but it is not completely true. It does not provide 100% protection on the browser. This flaw in the security of the Tor browser gives a golden opportunity to the hacker to breaks in your system and make you suffer from spying and losing your personal data. But the user can remain protected by changing the setting of the Tor browser to be the safest from the default.

To improve the quality of your experience of your internet service, the Tor browser have amazing features which offers you with the high protection. There are many ways you can do so manually by simply clearing the cookies and tokens, changing to the private mode while surfing, changing the level of security in setting of the Tor browser. This way, you’ll remain safe and secure while enjoying your online session. Keep in mind all the important points while using the Tor browser to enhance your experience in particular when you are online.

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