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Today, many people no longer remember the name Torrentgalaxy. But those who do can remember it as a one-stop solution for anything entertainment-related. It was a website that offered TV shows, movies, and games for free. Users could download them for later use and even share such content with friends. All this made the site reach the peak of its popularity. Sadly, its downfall was equally swift when many legal entities came after it. Overnight, the site had its various domains blocked and seized. It was taken down from the internet.

The following article covers everything about Torrentgalaxy, its mirrors, proxies, and alternatives. It will provide an overview of the popular website. It will discuss its history, rise and gradual fall, and legal issues. Furthermore, we will look at its working mirrors and proxies that can still be accessed in 2024. If needed, we have also created a list of websites that can serve as an alternative. Thus, no matter if you have used the site or not, it will provide readers with much-needed solutions. Torrenting, despite being decades old, is still thriving in 2024. So scroll down to learn more about it.

What is Torrentgalaxy?


Torrentgalaxy was one of the most popular torrent websites on the internet. It allowed users to access a huge digital library with ease. Millions of users visited the site daily to access their favorite content. And that too, for free. It has the latest TV shows, movies, music, games, applications, e-books, and more. Sadly, being a piracy website, it faced increasing pressure from authorities. Due to copyright holders and IP owners, legal action was taken against the site, and it was shut down.

The website was launched in 2017, and amassed over 2 million active users during its peak. It was once the go-to site for anything torrent-related. However, being a piracy website was its downfall. Now, mind you, the site itself didn’t host any illegal content; rather, it aggregated torrents sourced from other sites. But such technicalities weren’t enough to prevent the fall of Torrentgalaxy. Its popularity worked against it, as many in the entertainment industry went after the website. Torrentgalaxy was drowning in multiple copyright complaints and lawsuits. It led to the site changing its domain repeatedly. The site has been dormant since 2002, but several mirrors and proxies are still active.

How Does Torrentgalaxy Work?

Torrentgalaxy used to be a premier piracy website. It worked on the principles of peer-to-peer file sharing. P2P file sharing is a network based on the BitTorrent protocol. It facilitates the distribution of data packets across connected users. The BitTorrent protocol utilizes a decentralized network. It is necessary for both uploading and downloading files. Now there are seeders and leechers on the network. Files are shared amongst them. Here are the building blocks of the network on which TorrentGalaxy works:

  • Torrents: The format used by the network to distribute data. They serve as pointers and contain metadata about the content, including the file name, size, and structure.
  • Trackers: It is a server that coordinates the transfer of files amongst connected users or peers. When a user begins a download, the tracker points him to the peer who has the file ready for distribution.
  • P2P: When users connected to the network share files with each other, they use P2P sharing. The files are shared in sections, which is faster than traditional downloading.
  • Seeders: They are users who have the file on their system, and they continue to share it with others. Seeders are integral to torrenting as the more seeders a file has, the faster it will be downloaded.
  • Leechers: Leechers are users who are in the process of downloading a file. The more leechers a file has, the slower the download will be.

What are the Categories Available in Torrentgalaxy?

There are many categories available on Torrentgalaxy. These cater to various audiences and are there to make browsing easier. These categories are as follows:

  • Movies: It is a collection of all the movies. It included the latest titles and others from all over the world. These movies are in various formats and qualities. Moreover, they cater to different genres and niches.
  • TV Shows: Then there are TV shows from all over the globe. These include popular titles. K dramas, soap operas, web series, and much more. You can also access TV shows via their release date, entire seasons, or single episodes.
  • Music: Everything from regional to global music can be found. Be it rock, pop, jazz, electronic, rap, or classical. There are also music videos and mp3 files. You can also look for your favorite artists or their albums.
  • Games: Next up are games. These are divided based on genres and the platforms they can run on. You can find games for popular operating systems like Windows and macOS, as well as Linux. Different mods and fan versions are also available for download.
  • Software: You can also get the latest software on the site. It has broken versions of paid apps and software. Furthermore, you can access niche software as well.
  • Anime: It is yet another category that is big on the site and has a dedicated section owing to the large fan base. Both subs and dubs are available for users, as well as animated movies and OVAs.
  • E-books: They are also a majority on the site, as you can find books in multiple formats, including the Kindle-friendly EPUB or the traditional PDFs. Both fiction and non-fiction are present on the site.

Working Websites of Torrentgalaxy 2024

Yes, the original Torrentgalaxy is no longer active. However, you can still access the site via some proxies or mirrors. These are working Torrentgalaxy websites. And we have scrounged the internet for such working websites that are still active in 2024. It is a testament to the fact that, despite crackdowns, torrent websites are still functional. Thus, despite being a handful, these mirrors, or proxies, are still popular. They act as alternate gateways that reroute users to the same torrent database. The exact same database that the original Torrentgalaxy website used during its peak.

Honestly, even these proxies and mirrors do not have longevity. Since these sites host illegally obtained copyright content, they are on a constant lookout. Under anti-piracy laws, authorities regularly take down these websites. But still, those looking for a familiar experience should welcome these proxies and mirrors with open arms. These sites are also free to use and have a vast library. We have created a list of such working websites, for our readers, that can be accessed below.

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Working Torrentgalaxy List

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Top Torrentgalaxy Proxy/Mirror Sites 2024

Disclaimer: The following information is provided solely for educational and general purposes. We do not condone or promote any illegal activities, such as torrenting copyright content. We are also not responsible for what happens when the user leaves our website. Not only that, but we urge the users to exercise caution when accessing such sites, as we will not be held responsible for any illegal activities.

We can access a few Torrentgalaxy proxies and mirrors in 2024. These are basically the same websites hosted on different servers under multiple IP addresses. These sites are also piracy websites and offer content for free. Users can easily access them by simply visiting them using our list. But before that, we have to warn readers that associating with torrent websites might be harmful. We have provided this information here solely for educational purposes, and we do not condone any illegal activities. Readers are thus warned to remain extremely cautious and proceed at their own risk. is a mirror of the original website that is free to use. Users can find the latest torrent files for TV shows, movies, dramas, music, games, and so on. The best part about the website is its UI, which looks very similar to the original content. There are also many categories and tabs to help you navigate the website, including a search bar. is another mirror of the older site. It has torrents from various search indexes that are currently active. You can find sufficient seeders and leechers here. However, the website can sometimes bombard you with ads. It’s the only means of profitability that allows the website to keep functioning. is a proxy or mirror for the original Torrentgalaxy website, with free access. Users are not required to register any account or purchase any subscription. They can simply visit the site by clicking on the link below. It will open up on a landing page that will remind you of the original website. The UI is clean, and the site has the latest working torrents. is a good example of a working Torrentgalaxy website. It is available in 224 and can be accessed via the list we have provided below. The site utilizes a clean UI that is user-friendly and caters to fans globally. Thus, the site is a suitable destination for torrent lovers. Moreover, it is free to use and offers various categories. is a website with the latest torrents for TV shows, movies, music, anime, games, and anything else a person might desire. The website is estimated to be working in 2024, which is quite marvelous. As a result, many old and new users have been spiraling towards it. The site is easy to use and has a beginner-friendly UI for accumulating new users.


Finally, we have Torrentgalaxy.rss, which is yet another example of a great proxy for the original Torrentgalaxy website. The site is visited by many users daily, searching for the latest TV shows, movies, and games. It is a popular working solution and will be active in 2024. People can simply click on the link and access the website for free, without any registration or account creation.

How to Download From Torrentgalaxy?

Now, it’s time to understand how downloads work on Torrentgalaxy. Even though the site is inactive, the download process remains the same across its various mirrors and proxies. The process being:

First, launch your web browser and search the internet for a BitTorrent client. It will be necessary to run the torrent file you downloaded.

Then, download the BitTorrent client for your system. Once the download finishes, make sure to install the application correctly.

  • After that, go to the Torrentgalaxy website.
  • Once the website loads, look for the torrent of your choice and click on the file name.
  • Then, scroll down and download the torrent file.
  • It’s time to launch the BitTorrent client.
  • Once it’s open, run the torrent file.
  • The download process will now start. Wait for the seeding to finish, and you can enjoy the content.

Top Working Replacements of Torrentgalaxy:

Other than working proxies and mirrors, we have created a list of other websites that can serve as replacements for Torrentgalaxy. These websites have already made a name for themselves and have a decent following. Furthermore, they are free to use and are mostly without any intrusive ads or malware. Our team has spent sufficient time on exploring these sites to ascertain them as a good alternative to the fan-favorite Torrentgalaxy.

Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is a very suitable alternative to Torrentgalaxy. It has been active since 2003. As such, it is one of the most recognized IPs in torrenting. It is also one of the longest-running torrenting websites hailing from Sweden. The site offers both magnet links and torrent files for downloads. It utilizes the Peer-to-Peer network for file sharing. The Pirate Bay has been known for offering all the latest TV shows, movies, anime, games, and other entertainment digital content.

Over the years, the site has faced multiple lawsuits and takedown attempts. But it has persisted through it all. The site has changed its domain name, servers, and IP addresses multiple times to avoid scrutiny. Even with all this, the site has a dedicated following. One factor that contributes to its success is its clean interface. It has a comprehensive category list and library. However, one has to deal with nonstop ad popups as a result of it being free. Today, Pirate Bay is the go-to site for any torrent lovers.


YIFY Torrent, or as it is popularly known as, YTS, is a torrent website. Unlike other torrent indexes, it primarily focused on TV shows and the latest movie releases. The journey of YTS is full of ups and downs. It started back in 2011 under the brand YIFY. Soon, it became the go-to site for movie lovers, as there were not that many streaming services then. However, due to legal issues and pressure from the authorities, the site had to rebrand itself as YTS. But even that wasn’t enough to save it, as it ultimately shut down in 2015.

Recently, the site has made a comeback, offering new movies. And this led many older fans to once again visit the website. The site focuses on providing quality content but in small file sizes. This makes the download much faster. Moreover, you can find uploads from other torrent engines too, making it much more versatile. If you want to choose an alternative to Torrentgalaxy, then surely YTS is a worthwhile choice, as attested by many users over the years.


RARBG is often considered the backbone of torrenting. It is, first and foremost, a torrent search engine that fuels many different torrent websites and their search results. As such, it is a big name that is trusted globally, especially when it comes to trustworthy torrent sources. The website was first introduced in 2008, and since then, It has grown into a pillar of the torrenting community. The website itself seems very boring, with a plain UI and clean design. However, it is full of surprises. Users can manually search the entire website or filter results based on different categories.

The file is not only proficient at offering quantity but also quality. You can find top-quality torrent files in 4K or HD resolution or encoded files, compressed beyond belief. The site is mostly free to use, never bothering with so-called donations or forced sales tactics. You don’t even have to create an account for it to work. But there might be a few ads. Talking about RARBG as an alternative to Torrentgalaxy is a good choice. It would not only offer the latest content, but it would also offer it before any other website.


1337x is not only a torrent index but also a community. It offers both torrent files and magnet links to various content, including TV shows, movies, anime, games, and so on. The site has been active since 2007, making it one of the oldest torrenting websites. Moreover, it runs a pretty simple UI that is user-friendly and clean. Various torrent links and files are carefully curated under different categories and genres. The site is free to use, and there are no ads or any other hidden issues, which has made it one of the most visited torrent websites in history. But the great thing about it is perhaps the community.

1337x has a dedicated requests section. Here, users can request the admins for their favorite torrents if they are unavailable on the site. Furthermore, the community can also engage with each other, which helps the overall ecosystem of the website. Thus, despite being a piracy site, it’s used all over the world and is loved by millions of users.


Extra Torrents is also a good alternative for Torrentgalaxy. It started in 2006 and soon reached more than 3.5 million daily users. Due to this, the website was known globally. Finally, the website came under threat in 2017, as many complaints were logged against it. However, it is still here for fans.

The website excels at offering the latest content, speedy uploads, and a vast library of digital media. It is a major torrent indexing platform that continues to cater to the fans of torrent files. And yes, there is a large threat to its continued growth, for now, it can serve as a valid alternative to Torrentgalaxy.

Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents started up in 2009. It quickly grew into one of the top sites for torrent users across the world. The owners kept switching the domain name to avoid getting in trouble. But it still has lots of working links you can use today. The site makes finding torrents super easy. Just type what you want in the search box. Kickass Torrents will pull up a big list of results. You can sort by size, seeds, date, and more. Filters help narrow down the options.

One problem is there are some fake torrents mixed in. But the site mods are pretty good at removing them. You can read comments to double check a torrent works before downloading. While you need to be careful with piracy, Kickass Torrents has a ton of active users. They can help you find all kinds of files. For students looking to replace Torrentgalaxy, Kickass Torrents has what you need. Just remember to use it responsibly!


In the end, we have to say that, despite being an illegal torrent hosting website, Torrentgalaxy has left a mark on the internet and its users. People still search for the site to look for their favorite content. Although we have created a list of working websites, there is no guarantee how long they will remain active. Thus, we have also provided a decent list of alternatives that are similar to Torrentgalaxy and offer the same services.

Moreover, we have come to understand what happened to Torrentgalaxy and why. The site, at the height of its popularity, was bogged down with legal issues. Many lawsuits and complaints drove authorities to take action. The original website tried to stay afloat by changing the domain name and server. But all was in vain. Today, there are still a few Torrentgalaxy mirrors and proxies available. But they need to be future-proof, especially if they have to work in 2024.

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