New Working Yify Websites, Proxies & Best Alternatives 2024

Yify proxy is a copy of the original Yify Torrent website that was taken down in response to anti-piracy laws and copyright infringement cases. The proxy, or well, most Yify proxies, host similar content as the original website and are still a crowd favorite, especially for those who are apprehensive of torrenting. As such, you may find several Yify proxies on the internet. However, not all these links work, as we are sure you have already experienced.

It happens because, ultimately, the content hosted on these so-called torrenting platforms falls under copyright and is subject to anti-piracy laws. Hence, there is an active process that ensures authorities take down these links when they are found. But worry not, as the following article will not only provide you with a fully functional Yify proxy list for 2023, but it will also educate you on the topic of proxies, mirrors, and why the original Yify website was discontinued.

Introducing Yify Proxy


Yify proxy, as most of you have already guessed, is an alternative to the original Yify website that offers similar, if not exactly the same, content. Such websites are mostly hosted on multiple servers and have different IP addresses in order to circumvent blocking and banning attempts from the government. The essence lies in the word proxy, which loosely translates to “substitute”. Hence, these websites are a beacon for those looking for such content. And while there are multiple Yify proxy sites on the internet, they only differ in template, but the content is almost identical. Thus, you do not have to worry even if your favorite proxy gets disconnected.

A typical Yify proxy hosts TV shows, movies, and other digital content for free consumption, which is illegal activity as these contents are protected by a copyright and need a license for distribution. In fact, the major reason behind the closure of Yify was the rise of torrenting platforms that took legal action against similar websites, including Yify. And while there was a gap, albeit short, when you couldn’t find pirated content online, it is no longer the case as multiple Yify proxies are infiltrating the internet as well as who knows how many private networks.

Working Yify Proxy Sites List (2024)

A proxy is an alternative to a website. Fundamentally, it can be a different website with a unique theme and look, but the content would be mostly similar. A Yify proxy is similar to the original website in that it is a torrenting website that caters to global TV shows and movies. In this case, the website is actually residing on a different server, preferably in a region that has lax anti-piracy laws. And then there are multiple IP addresses available in case one of them gets blocked or banned.

Hence, we have compiled a list of different Yify proxies that are active, although we don’t know if they will remain the same when you ares. But worry not, as the list is dynamic and will welcome newer links periodically. And we will also keep dead links out of the list for maximum efficiency. Hence, do come back and check the list once in a while if you want a working Yify proxy.

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YIFY Proxies List

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Working Yify Mirror Sites is a Yify proxy that hosts different TV shows and movies in 720p, 1080p, 4K, and 3D, but in the smallest size possible. Thus, you can enjoy fast downloads and free services. The website also has a quick search bar and a browse section to manually find your favorite content. Or, you can simply click on the trending tab to see the currently popular TV show or movie. is similar to other Yify proxies in that it hosts torrents for TV shows and movies. It has a page for genres and even requests that can be raised with the admin to add further content. The website itself is a bit typical in nature as it is full of ads, so we suggest using an ad blocker along with a VPN to keep yourself protected while browsing. is yet another working Yify proxy website that warns users to employ a VPN before browsing. Furthermore, the website hosts different TV shows and movies spanning a few decades. Hence, you might find a quality collection here. Also, take note that most of the torrents are smaller to facilitate better downloading speeds, and as a result, the proxy is popular among users. allows users to download high-quality torrents for most TV shows and movies. The website offers a huge library and also offers a detailed synopsis page with a trailer. But you can’t stream any of the titles. You can only click on the links to initiate the download. You will not only find the latest movies but also the older classic titles on the website, all with working torrents.

Yts.unblocked.Ic is a Yify proxy that offers Hollywood movies and TV shows, web series, and dramas from all around the globe. But since it is a piracy website, we urge users to exercise caution while visiting. Or you can employ a VPN to keep yourself protected. As for movies or other digital content, you will find them on the website alongside torrent links that can help you download the file. is a proxy that hosts several TV shows and movies. The website is a torrent host that offers TV shows and movies for users. Users can go to the website and download the torrent of their choice. And if needed, visitors can also contact the website admin and request for a particular file.

The last proxy on our list is, which is a decent alternative to Yify. There are many titles available for users to choose from. The torrents are active and available in multiple sizes. While all is well and good, we would like to remind our readers to be cautions when browsing such website. VPN use is recommended and users are also advised to not heed any unnecessary ads.

Benefits of using Yify Proxy

There are several benefits to using a Yify proxy:

  • Free Content: Yify proxy offers TV shows and movies for free. Thus, users do not have to pay to enjoy their favorite program. All they need is a working proxy link and they are good to go!
  • Safety: Yes, proxies are relatively safer than original domains, as there are multiple variables available on the internet. So in case one or two links are blocked, you can still access Yify via a different proxy.
  • Up-to-date and Latest Content: Similarly, you get more and more movie and TV options as these sites are updated regularly as they keep on adding newer digital media. If you are an avid Yify proxy fan, then you do not have to worry about new movies or your favorite web series, as these websites will have them within days.
  • Better Quality and Multiple Options: Files hosted on different Yify proxies are mostly of better quality and often in HD. These files are available for downloading via various links, and you can choose the quality and size of the file as per your needs.
  • Huge Library: Last but not least, Yify proxies offer a huge content library that has something for everyone. No matter if you are looking for a new movie or an old classic, chances are you will find it on a Yify proxy website.

What Happened to the Original Yify Website?

In early October 2015, the original Yify website was suddenly no longer functional. And this sudden inactivity caught the users off guard. This went on for a few weeks, when finally, on October 30, 2015, it was confirmed that the notorious Yify or YTS (Yify Torrent Service), was shut down permanently as a direct result of the legal action taken by the MPAA, or the Motion Picture Association of America. The charges were not only against the website but also its owner, stating that the website was instrumental in illegally spreading copyright materials. Thus, the website was taken down as a result of anti-piracy laws.

How to Unblock Yify Site?

Users can always unblock a Yify website, if they find a working link. How? Let’s figure this out:

i. VPN

A VPN is a virtual and private server or network that offers online privacy and security. As such, VPNs are instrumental to your online safety. But it also has a different application, and that is the ability to bypass blocks. Since a VPN actually functions, it is able to circumvent internet censorship and website blocks.

In order to aid the user, the VPN reroutes the internet traffic through remote servers that are located in a different physical location. And then it uses these servers to connect to the website. Doing so allows the VPN to spoof the real location of a user. And since these websites are only banned in a certain region, traffic coming from a different location is able to access the content. Hence, VPN users can unblock Yify websites by spoofing their IP address online.

ii. Tor Browser

Next, we have the Tor browser, which works on the same principles as a VPN but is still fundamentally different. First off, it is nowhere near as secure as a VPN, despite offering encryption technology. And secondly, while it can bypass most blocks, it doesn’t have an exclusive obfuscation technology to aid its progress.

Tor works on onion routing. It is a process where data travels between multiple servers undergoing encryption at every turn. However, the entry and exit point of the network doesn’t fall under any protection. Despite this, the browser is sufficient to aid your unblocking endeavors.

iii. Proxies/Mirror Sites

And finally, we have the proxy and mirror websites. This option doesn’t directly unblock a website; rather, it still allows you to access similar, if not the same, content. Proxy and mirror websites are simply copies of the original domain. Hence, they host the same data under a different IP address. Thus, by using a proxy or mirror, you can safely view the content that has been blocked. Although we have to warn users to exercise caution when doing so, or use a VPN for better security as these websites are mostly hosting pirated content which is illegal and land you in trouble.

Alternatives to Yify

This article highlights the use of proxies and lists several websites that can take you to Yify mirrors. But Yify is not the only website that has such digital content. The internet is fraught with similar websites, even if they are not Yify proxy sites. Thus, you can give the following websites a try, as they are similar in nature and can work as an alternative to Yify.

  • Movierulz Proxy
  • Isaimini Proxy
  • Afilmywap Proxy
  • Tamilpla Proxy
  • Filmy4wap Proxy
  • Bollyflix Proxy
  • Moviesda Proxy
  • Filmyzilla Proxy
  • 7starhd Proxy
  • Downloadhub Proxy
  • Skymovieshd Proxy


Finally, we have to conclude the article by stating that although proxy websites are beneficial to those looking for Yify, it is an obvious risk as the original website was taken down due to copyright infringement. Thus, it is no wonder that every Yify proxy is similar, as they host pirated content.

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