YTS: The Best Site For Movies & TV Shows With New Proxies

YTS is also known as YIFY. It is one of the leading torrenting websites that are highly popular for leaking a large number of movies and other entertainment content online. The website provides a wide range of content in different formats such as 720p HD and 1080p Full HD, Ultra HD, and so on. In 2015, the website got blocked by The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). Besides the fact that the site is banned by the higher authorities, still, the site can get a good amount of traffic on it. In 2019, it topped the website ranking in terms of safety torrenting websites.

The site is known for its latest and exclusive content present on it. It provides the content in different picture resolutions allowing users to download the content as per their preferences. The website has a good range of movies from classic ones to the latest and the team working on the website keeps on updating the content regularly so that you will get something new to stream whenever you visit the website.

YTS Website Details – Overview Table

Name of the WebsiteYTS/YIFY
Founded Year2010, Almost 13 Years Ago
Type of SiteTorrent Index, Magnet Links Provider, P2P
Offered ContentsMovies, TV Shows, Anime, Cartoon, and much more
Content TypeBoth Copyrighted and Publicly Available Contents
Contents AvailabilityBollywood, Hollywood, Korean, Chinese, and Similar.
Area ServedWorldwide
Current StatusOffline
OperatingClone Sites
UIUser-friendly Interface
Mobile App AvailabilityNo

Intro of YTS Proxy

YTS Proxy

YTS is a renowned torrent website used by people all across the world to download the latest TV shows, movies, and other media including games. The best thing about the YTS is that it allows an individual to download content in small file sizes. However, the government has not prohibited its access due to copyright infringement issues. This is when the YTS proxy comes as an alternative for people. YTS proxies are replicas of the original site allowing users to download approximately the same content as present on the YTS website.

Mirror or proxy websites are online replicas of the original websites that are created in a way that keeps the user’s identity confidential. Like when a user requests to access the content using a YTS proxy site then the request is made by the server to the destination hiding the internet protocol address of the user. Therefore, the user will be able to access the content that is geographically banner in his/her area.

Working YTS Proxy Sites List (2024)

Even though subscription-based services have grown larger over the last few years across the world, still most people like to use torrent websites to download or view movies. These websites allow them to access the latest data without any cost therefore they are getting attracted to these websites. If you are also the one looking for the working YTS proxy sites list then this is just the right place for you. With these replica sites, you can access the data present on the YTS site even when it is blocked in your area.

Disclaimer: The information presented here is just for educational purposes. We don’t encourage these sites as it is illegal to download content from these torrent sites due to copyright issues.

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YTS Proxies List

Working Proxies URLs





YTS Proxy 1



YTS Proxy 2





YTS Proxy 3



YTS Proxy 4





YTS Proxy 5



YTS Proxy 6











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Working YTS Mirror Sites 2024


Since the YTS P2P file-sharing option is illegal therefore many popular torrent sites like YTS have been prohibited by the government. This is when YTS mirror sites come into play. If you want to know the current working YTS mirror sites then this is suitable content for you. Have a look at the working YTS mirror sites list. Check out these:

Daily thousands of people try to access the content present on the YTS site but since the site is blocked by the higher authorities, users are no longer able to access the content present on the YTS website. Therefore, they are using to access the content. is the best solution for those people who are looking to view the content of the original website. is a proxy site popular for the content present on it. People were able to access content from for two continuous years but now it has come under ISPs and government eyes prohibiting the access of it. However, in certain areas, people can access the content through this mirror site. is one of the most popular torrent websites. Those who love to watch the latest content find this site an amazing option for them. With just a few clicks, an individual can download a wide array of movies from classic ones to the latest that has been released recently. Luckily, there are fewer chances of site downtime therefore there will be no stoppage in your entertainment. is a renowned proxy site that requires no introduction at all. The feature-packed site provides easy-to-navigate features with a great layout and content selection. The best thing about the site is that it has fewer advertisements.

This is one of the most popular and reliable mirror sites that allows you to get access to unlimited content which means every time you will get something new here to watch. This is a perfect go-to alternative to the YTS original website. It hosts everything from popular TV shows to famous fantastic movies to download.

As you can see it is not a direct domain name therefore higher authorities can’t block it directly. is the new YTS proxy which is in working condition currently. However, this site might make you irritated because there are a lot of advertisements on this platform.

This is one of the fastest proxy sites. The mirror site is perfect for those who are a fan of astounding movies, music, tunes, and other entertainment content. One can download it in a hassle-free manner. This is a perfect platform to enjoy yourself with the both latest and ancient movies of your choice and the picture quality of the latest released movies will amaze you.

This is one of the most utilized and well-known YTS proxy sites. If you like to watch extraordinary movies and tunes then this site is especially designed for you. The easy-to-use interface of the mirror site makes everyone get attracted to it. A lot of people present out there are using the website because it hosts all the content that one can access through the original YTS site.

How to Download HD Quality Movies and Shows Using YTS or its Proxy Websites?

  • First of all, visit any of the working YTS websites or proxy sites.
  • Now, at the homepage enter the title of the movie or TV show you want to watch in the search bar. Here, you will get an option to select the picture quality you want like if you want HD then select that option.
  • In the results of your query, click on the download file by reading the description whether the file matches the content you are looking for. After downloading it, download the torrent file of the same media.
  • Now, navigate the same file in your device with .torrent format to access it.

What Happened to Yts Website?

YTS Website Blocked

Do you know what torrenting actually means? If not, let us have a look at this. Actually, torrenting refers to file sharing between peers and seeders. Initially, it starts with a network that is used to share the data within a group of people like on campus. Now, torrenting is used by lakhs or crores of people to share data. All of the data present on these sites are stolen and violate the author’s copyright. That is why the site is blocked by the higher authorities. After the shutdown of the original YTS, now users are using its proxy and mirror sites to access the entertainment content they are seeking for.

How to Unblock the YTS Website?

YTS is one of the most visited torrent websites over the last few years. But the site is not accessible to users nowadays due to copyright issues. If you want to know Yts proxy unblock ideas then have a look at the below given points.

Tor Browser

Tor browser incorporates VPN features. When an individual launches the Tor browser on one’s device, the VPN services will start immediately. It makes you an anonymous user by hiding the IP address of your device. Therefore, you can easily access all the content present on the YTS site.


The abbreviation for VPN is a virtual private network. The software allows you to use the internet like an anonymous user by hiding the IP address of your device. Your device’s actual IP address will be changed to the server’s IP address. Just opt for any VPN according to your budget and choices to unblock the YTS website to access unlimited content. And finally enjoy watching movies and shows.


Proxy sites are the copy sites of the original one. These sites allow access to the same content to the people present on the original one. The benefit of proxy site is that it hides the IP address of the device keeping the user confidential when accessing the content through torrent sites.

Alternatives to Yts Site

The YTS and YTS mirror sites are renowned for movie piracy which offers high-quality content for users such as movies, music, TV shows, series, games, and much more. But because the site is illegal therefore it has been blocked in several regions. This is when people look for YTS alternatives to not stop their entertainment. Check out this list of alternatives to the YTS site.

Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents is a renowned name when it comes to torrenting websites. When discussing torrenting websites, the moniker “Kickass Torrents” immediately comes to mind. If you’re looking for a free website with a similar selection of material like YTS, you’ve found it. Despite being shut down by higher-ups, the website continues to function through clones. The site is very popular in comparison to other sites.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is well known renowned torrent website across the world. The website is known as the “King of torrents”. The site garnered a lot of attention from a lot of people in a short period of time. The site has been working for many years and has kept users entertained and happy for a long time. Its user interface is user friendly which makes everything easier and simpler to discover. Additionally, all the information such as the file size, seeds, and everything is present along with the file so that a user can easily access the content of their user.

Torrent Galaxy

The website covered you with many torrent files including movie releases, classic movies, software collections, and much more. The website has a sleek design and simple interface that allows people to have a great downloading experience here. It uses a peer-to-peer sharing protocol to redistribute both copyrighted and publicly available content.


Extra Torrents is also a great alternative to the YTS torrent website offering a huge database including movies, music, software, and a lot of other content. The website’s interface is user friendly making it simple and easy to navigate torrent files. It also shows popular torrents of the week category therefore you can easily watch the exclusive content on this website. With a vast library, the website has everything for all kinds of people.


The website is a great alternative to the YTS website. The website provides a wide range of multimedia content similar to other websites. It is a great alternative to stream and download exclusive content for free. It hosts a user-friendly interface with a huge collection of torrents, making it perfect for millions of users to use. This torrenting website has become renowned name in the world featuring a lot of torrent files allowing users to have a smooth downloading experience.

Additional Alternative to Yts Site

YIFY TorrentTorrentz2
RARBG TorrentTorrentFunk
13377x TorrentBitTorrent
Nyaa TorrentsTorrentSeeker
1377x TorrentµTorrent

Wrapping it all up!!!

YTS proxy sites are used to download the content present at the YTS site. Even though the YTS site is blocked in your area, you can access the YTS proxy and mirror sites. A proxy site works as an intermediate between the user and server hiding the IP address of the user and allowing him/her access to the prohibited content.

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